MAYHEM N MARRERO will be a scaled down competition. It is a two-person team competition.Male/Male and Female/Female. Will be intermediate and scaled divisions. Top two places in each division will have a prize. An example of the shirt you will recieve is down below. Make sure you add 2 shirt sizes in the comment box before you checkout.


Wod 1:

run 800 with partner (will have a peice of rope to hold together) Score 1 will be time finishing run

Right into:

3 min amrap of:

Intermediate pull ups
Scaled ring rows

only 1 partner can work at a time for the amrap. score 2 will be total amount of reps.

Wod 2:

6 min AMRAP:

Row for calories and ground to overhead (both partners can do any rotation that they want, 6 mins to get as many reps for g20 and will add the calories at the end)

Intermediate weight 95/65 Scaled weight 65/45

Wod 3:

assembly line both partners:

10 cal assault bike

10 box jumps 24/20 (int has to jump, scaled can step up)

10 power cleans135/95 int 95/65 scaled

10 burpees over bar (int has to jump with 2 ft, sclaed can step over)

50 double unders/125 singles (25 singles = 10 doubles) have to declare to judge what you doing before wod, partners don't have to do the same

Clock starts partner 1 goes...partner 2 starts when partner 1 finishes box jumps....score (time) is when second partner finishes (both partners have to finish) both partners have to do all reps no splitting.

Wod 4:

5 mins to find 1 rep max

Int - sqaut clean shoulder to overhead max

Scaled - Power clean & shoulder to overhead (dont have to squat clean) max

1 min break

100 abmats for time (reps can be split anyway between partners)

intermediate partner does a handstand hold

scaled partner does a plank hold

your partner can only do abmats while the other partner is in a hs hold or plank position.

This wod will be 2 different scores. wt added together and time to complete abmats.

Floater WOD:

20 burpee jump in-out tire flips (can go singles or together, 20 total, if you go together both partners have to do burpee and jump in and out) score 1 will be time

30 second break right into:

wall balls with out a break Intermediate 20/14 Scaled 14/10 Once your wb break your reps stop and your partner goes. once your partner breaks, add up both wb and that will be your second score